Shipping Information

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Blanket Wrapped




Freight Shipping Options

International shipments must be handled by a 3rd party. I ship to continental U.S. addresses only.



Door to Door

Click here to visit Beltmann’s website for more information.

Beltmann is fast, reliable and convenient. They will deliver to your door as long as you are accessible by a semi trailer. The fee to wrap a game for this shipping service is $60. Delivery usually takes about 3 weeks and the average cost is $550 for 1 arcade/cabinet. Bundle shipments to the same address and save drastically; in some cases costing as little as a $100 to add on an additional cabinet to ship.



Nearest HUB

Click here to visit Fastenal’s website for more information.

Fastenal can be cheaper but at the cost of insurance and convenience(Hub pickup). Fastenal typically runs $200-$300 a pallet. The fee to wrap, palletize and deliver a game to Fastenal for shipment is $180. Palletizing runs $140.

Set up your own pickup

I am more than happy to accommodate for another shipping option. I operate during normal business hours M-F 9A-5P. Fedex, DHL freight, private companies, amusement vending transportation services are other examples. It will be up to the buyer to set up the pickup once the product is ready for shipment.