Taito Cabinet




-417 Arcades Accuracy Verified

-3/4″ Melamine with T slot

– Removable Back door(Hinged available on request +$50)

-Birch Plywood base and monitor shelf with reinforcements.

-Leg Levelers and backdoor lock

-Fits all original parts including CRT monitor

-Built stronger than the original cabinets!

Used for the following games:
Front line
Jungle King
Jungle Hunt
Electric Yo Yo
Alpine Ski
Elevator Action
Space Dungeon
Tin Star
Wild Western



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Please note the changes to the bezel. The original game uses unique trim that is dado slotted into the side of the cabinet. My solution (as this trim is nearly impossible to find) Is to make the shroud and glass sit on top of wood supports. Adjusting the angle slightly so the shroud is caught by the front bezel cross support. Pinball backglass edge trim works perfect to fill in the difference. The original control panel is slightly wider than the marquee and bezel. The trim will fill this gap and give an original appearance. Another benefit to this modification is the bezel is now removable from the front side of the game rather than the back.


Additional information

Weight 120 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 60 in