There are several colors to choose from for your controls and T molding. Illuminated T molding is available through RGB strips lined inside of clear T molding. These are controlled via an RF remote.

You may also request illuminated colored buttons. These are available as set single colors or full spectrum leds are available alongside a color controller board (4 player pedestals and uprights). Full spectrum rgb led buttons are not available on the Midway/Nintendo/Cocktail or Slim Upright arcades.

Standard colors available

Joy Stick Handles

8 Way joysticks offer the most diversity in color choices. While 4 way joysticks are only available in red/black.

Standard colors; Gold, Chrome, Black and more.

T-Molding Trim

This is the rubber trim that is seated into the edge of all exposed panels of the cabinet. Standard colors and more are available;
Dark/Light Colors
RGB Lit Molding

Standard and light colors available

Standard Push Buttons

These are the default buttons used in the majority of the arcade units. RGB Light up buttons are available as an upgrade.

Melamine Panel Types

Wood grain style only available on cocktail tables.

  • Java(Very dark w/ minimum purple hue)
  • Bourban(Dark cherry oak grain)
  • Canyon(Light tan grain)
  • Cottage(Light grey scale grain)
  • Black
  • White
  • White Sides/Black Center Hybrid

Art Kits

These are not all of the art options available. You may ship your own artwork.

Game Boards

60 in 1 ~ 1-2 Players ~ Turn Base

516 in 1 ~ 1-2 Players ~ Turn Base

3000 in 1 ~ 1-2/1-4 Players ~ Simultaneously

Sample Control Panels

Let’s build something together.