Reproduction Cabinets

CRT Compatible

Original replacement cabinets are priced with compatibility for their original CRTs. In most instances you do not need bolts through the side of the cabinet to mount your monitor. In the chance you need these holes they are pre-drilled partially from the inside.

Pocket Screws & Glue

All cabinet panels are secured with pocket screws and glued to prevent them from ever coming lose. Extra bracing is used in heavier cabinets along the bottom and around CRT frames.

Built to Order

Because of the number of variations each cabinet is built to the specifications of the buyer.

Each Cabinet is Built to Order

Special Requests

Replacement cabinet shells can have many modifications.

Power:Cord Notch or Power inlet
Back Edge:T Slot or Painted Black
Feet:Standard or 4 Bolt Reinforced
Color:White or Black

Inquire about an arcade cabinet not listed.