About Us

About 417 Arcades

Located in Mount Vernon, MO, 417 Arcades began in the early months of 2019 with one goal in mind; to offer quality home arcade machines at an affordable price. Don’t let the companies infancy fool you(Check out the gallery to see some of the machines built here at 417 Arcades). Growing up in a family ran arcade business I developed a passion for arcades. I wanted to share this experience of playing games on an authentic arcade machine. But purchasing a full machine for a single game was never feasible unless you were in the arcade business. This changed as computers have become smaller and cheaper over the years. Why have a machine that only plays 1 game and takes up as much space as a stacked washer and dryer when you can have one that plays many? This is not practical for most home owners and those machines can be very expensive to maintain. Not to mention find parts to service in the first place.

Our games are built with new modern components and designed to be service free for years and years. At 417 Arcades we are dedicated to customer satisfaction and offer as many custom options as possible. We want you to feel as involved in the process as we are when building your machine. Everything from colors of molding, buttons, joysticks, artwork and cabinet style give our clients the freedom of creativity needed to design a machine that reflects your style and needs. When you purchase from 417 Arcades you not only get your arcade machine but also a relationship with this business. We are here to serve your home gaming entertainment needs and take pride in doing so!